l policy may easily find▓ himself in the toils, as it happened, for inst▓ance, in Snger's case. Who a●re these bulwarks of this genera●l policy An involuntary gla▓nce towards the door, as if to see wheth●er some uninvited listener was not ●accidentally near—a glance I ha▓ve frequently seen only

    in R▓ussia—was the first answer.Then, even in▓ lower tones than before, he proceeded. ▓That is still a portion of the legacy of A▓lexander III., rigidly guarded by the dow●ager-empress, and particularly by the Grand-Duk


    ●e Sergius in Moscow.When in the Russo-Turkish ▓war enormous peculations of the milit▓ary stores were discovered, the heir to th▓e throne, then commander of a corps● in the reserve, was persuaded that the Jewish▓ contractors had defrauded the army, and the● officer of the secret police, Zhikharev●,

    exerted himself to prove[Pg 99] that two-▓thirds of all the revolutionari▓es were Jews.That belief remained, just as a● great portion of the French still cli▓ng to the belief that Dreyfus is ▓a traitor because he is used●

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    as a scapegoat for the informat●ion-mongers of high rank on the general staff●.Something similar happened her●e.I really have no desire to ●defend any Jewish contractor; but when▓ there was in our stores lime-d▓ust instead of flour in the s▓acks, quite other people than● the Jews pocketed the differ

    ence.However, th●at is another story.Grand-Duke Se●rgius, of Moscow, has among his ot▓her passions bigotry and a fanatica▓l hatred of Jews.And he is the u▓ncle and brother-in-law of the Czar.● Then Snger found himself i



n a rat●her dubious position mainly as a philo-Semite▓ At least as a man of not sufficiently● pronounced anti-Semitism.But also b▓ecause he was not really the man to hol▓d his own with the generals ●and talents of the career-ma

ker von Plehve▓.Finally, he was blamed for adver●se criticism of the general principl▓es of the government expresse▓d at various conventions. At what c▓


onventions There was lately a co●nvention of public-school teachers● that presumed to criticise by▓ speaking the truth about an intimat●e of Plehve's, Pronin, of Kis

hinef.I must ▓emphasize here, by-the-way, that the●re was only an insignificant minority of Jews● at that convention.Then there was a medica▓l congress[Pg 100] whose hygienic▓ resolutions hid under a very ▓thin hygieni


c disguise an arraignment of the sy▓stem of stupefying the populace.The Lord k●nows Snger had surely no premonition of● these occurrences.But they concerned his d▓epart

ment; the spirit of his staff was ●not right, and he alone was to blame for it, ▓especially since von Plehve knew v●ery well what Snger thought of h●im. Always Plehve, and only Ple▓hve! He is our little Metternich

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